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Hi!  We are your Reporters, Brian and Talani.  We were married on March 3rd, 1990.  No kids, just the 2 of us.  We both grew up in the Seattle area, then lived and worked in Las Vegas, and currently report from Boise.  We have told the story of the Bible in many different ways on many different websites and places and platforms, but our current project is reporting the news from the Bible here together, which is so amazing!  The News from the Bible is the only news that you can count on and the only news that truly matters for now and for eternity.  We all read news stories from our own country and other countries, as well as city news and local news.  Many of us read from alternative news sources, and wonder if they are true. Some of us wonder if the standard news sources actually tell the true story to us.  NEWS FROM THE BIBLE is true news!  It's real!  It's alive!  It's active!  It's sharper than a double edged sword!  It will change your life!  We want to share that amazing news with you on Channel 777 News in fun creative ways to engage you into this amazing story that began with God creating the world you live in, then creating you, then deciding to die in your place for your sins to give you an eternal life... it is all soooo amazing and it's all in there.  Just read about it all in the Bible, you don't have to just take our word for it, it's in there for your reading and reference, and life change!




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